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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dining in the garden ♥

This is very random actually. We just did our gym and we are thinking where to eat. Then Mr.Dummy said "Why don't we buy some stuffs and cook at home? Since we didn't really did that before." And I was like okay.. why nottt? You're the chef ma. Hahaha. And so... thanks to the chef for the day, my gym workout previously was wasted. HAHAHA. But I enjoyed the meal. :)

The chef of the day :)
Mushrooms and more mushrooms!!! 
Dipped in the spaghetti sauce in progress

And we also bought some fried stuffs. (:

Looks good right? Nom nommmmm :p

Oh and if you're asking where is this "garden", it's his home. There's a lot of plants and trees there.. really garden feel though. LOL. 

Thank you for the awesome meal darling. ILY.♥

So when are we doing this again??? :PPP

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