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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Premiere Screening of Turbo! :D

Thanks ChurpChurp! Lovesssss :DD

Just imagine what can I do too if I can just inject some chemical in my body and zoommmmmmmm.... there I go... as fast as lightning I would be! HAHAHAHA. *Dreamonsss*
I was once an athlete, it would be good if I have this power. I would be like the world's champion in all kinds of sports. Break record in every event. And I would be a billionaire. LOLLLL.. 

Okay back to reality. -.- Turbo was an awesome movie! All the snails were so adorable hahahaha. 

Here's Turbo and Chet

Overall, I like the whole story of the movie. Rated 8/10 =)


Watch the trailer below:

Tomorrow would be RED 2 yo! =DD

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