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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Premiere Screening of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monster

Thanks Nuffnang again! Hehehhh =D

Oh my Logan Lerman!!! He's back finally!!! I remember I love him so much and I watch the first episode for three times in the cinema if I'm not mistaken! HAHAHAH. LOLLL

But yeahhh he's back now. And to be frank, I prefer he with his long cute hair in the first episode simply because it's more CUTE! Haha =p
Is he wearing the same shirt btw? LOL

For this episode... I love it really much. The action.. the power.. everything. Except one thing. LOVE. HAHAHAA. I expect Percy and Annabeth would what what what or something.. but nothing. they just hugged a lot. LOL. Wait for episode 3 then. I didn't read the story book so I had no idea about the story plot at all. I was really shocked when Annabeth died! LOL. Luckily she came back alive. I want that mattress too man. Even the daughter of Zeus, Thalia could came back to live!!! OMGGG.. Am really looking forward on the third episode!!!

Searching through google and came to this! SHE'S REALLY HAWTTT OKAYYY!!! 

Watch the trailer below:


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