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Monday, August 19, 2013

Premiere Screening of The Purge

San kiu Churpie Long time no see. LOL. But when Churpie come, Nuffie hilang pulak. HAHAHA
Three movies in a row! Why because tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there would be a premiere on each day as well! All thanks to the as awesome as always, Nuffnang Malaysia =D

At first I had no idea at all what this movie is about. Yeah you got me. I didn't always read through everything of the synopsis on the blog post. Scroll straight to the question and then how many pairs of tickets they giving and finally, the date they will send out invites. HAHA. Sorry but yeahh :P Anway, back to this movie.. I didn't really put high expectation on it though.

Well..this is a seriously ridiculous movie all I could say. This movie is about where crime is actually LEGAL for 12 hours where you people can commit crime. Yes CRIME such as in murdering and killing people. And the police, hospitals or anyone at all can't do anything about it. And no punishment too for those people who commit the crime. LIKE SERIOUSLY. @.@
Ewwwww.... I mean LIKE SERIOUSLY AGAIN...  After the purge, all the citizens thanked and prayed for those people who had sacrificed during the purge. The purpose of this purge is to let the country to become a better place. To let everyone to release their hatred, anger or whatever. Sacrifice few people to save more people. Logic ke? LOL

So yeah. Rated 6.5/10. 

Watch the trailer below:

Tomorrow would be The Mortal Instrument: City of Bones!

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