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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hitz.Fm Birthday Invasion x New Ford Fiesta

So it's Hitz.Fm birthday bash yesterday and all the crews were promoting about this event on the radio for the whole month. And the best part was Chester See is gonna be there! And no matter how, I die die also wanna go lahhhh.. because entrance is FREE!!! But fortunately though, I managed to win two VIP passes and oh mann.. Mr.Dummy and I sure did enjoyed the so awesome possum VIP privileges! I'll explain more later. :P
There you go.. the Hitz.Fm Birthday Invasion LIVE concert brought to you by The New For Fiesta. Among the acts on that day includes, Youtube Sensation Chester See (which is the reason I'm there apparently) HAHAHA. We have Mizz Nina, K-Town Clan, Joe Flizzow, Pop Shuvit, Da Vagabonds, They Will Kill Us All, James Baum, ShawnLeeBeatBox and many more. And the very best part was, admission is totally FREE!!!!!

You can view the whole performance here if you missed it. (Whole video is about 4 hours.) Skip to 2:47:55 for Chester's part :p

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank Arnold for picking up my call! Haha. My birthday rap sucks but thanks for giving me those VIP passes. :)
So what's nice about VIP you ask? Of course we have our very own VIP area. After you walk in through that door.. 
It's an air-cond room where you have bottomless of iced water. So refreshing especially on the hot hot day. When you walk out towards the balcony I would say, you can watch the stage so clearly and you don't have to pack around with people! Reminds me of the Reachout event. Jinnyboy tipu wan.. Our VIP area ended up they let everyone to come in also. I think because too less crowds ba. We don't want Jason Chen, David Choi or Chester See to feel that not-so awesome-and-pack crowd I think! HAHA. Okay but nevermind. Back to my VIP tent..

I also managed to snap few pictures with the brandly new Ford Fiesta car. Focus on the car and the models but not me kthxbai.
Omg I look damn short lah! LOL.

Oh oh oh and my pretty lady here! Miss Jane Chuck!!! *imma happy girll*
It's my second time taking picture with her. More to come in the future eh? :P
Please ignore my slippers for goodness sake @.@

Let's talk about the performance now? The opening show by ShawnLeeBeatBox was damn EPIC! It seems like we're actually listening to a real music but actually everything just came out from his very own mouth. I didn't really take any video because I need to save my storage. LOL. 

Okay let the pictures do the talking now. 

Love those shining pretty little cube seats :)

And here's Chester in the house! Sorry that my iphone camera quality really sucks when you zoom. That's why I need a good camera so badly! Ahhh my Sony-Nex. Wait for me. :X
Sorry for being bias but most of the pictures I took is Chester! LOLLLL

Dummy and I :)
He look different don't he? But I like! Tee-heeee :p

Oh not to forgot, we also got goodies bag where we got a lot of Nivea's products, Subway cookies, and also FHM magazines! Someone got a lot of nose pore to waxed of! Ahhhh that someone will know what I meant! haha. :P Look at all the products that we gained!
It's awesome isn't it? ;)

Had a great night at the birthday bash! Can't wait for next year!!! Wheeeeee :DDD

Oh and also check out the video of the Parody of Ylvis's The Fox featuring the crew. The Drama talks about how a boy falls in love with the wrong girl and ends up getting caught in between a love triangle, causing chaos.

P/s: You gonna love the last part! :p

Till then! :)

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