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Monday, September 16, 2013

How to win movie passes from Nuffnang and ChurpChurp.

Olla people. Today I'm gonna write another post on how do I always get free movie passes. I've actually wrote it before already HERE but I'm gonna write it again because there's some changes hehehh..

Okay so yeahhh.. Wanna know how to win those tickets? It's SIMPLE. Please do bear with my long post. It looks complicated but it's actually very simple =)

1. Register a blog account. (
2. Register a Nuffnang account. (
3. Register a Imotiv account. (

Why do you need to register? Because it's the requirement to participate in contest! LOL. HAHA.

Nuffnang is the world's leading blog advertising community, for people who share the passion for blogging like we do! Find out more @

They often organize awesome possum events, party and a lot of kang tao wan la they all. Haha! You can get a lot of opportunity to meet awesome bloggers, go to awesome party, win free movie passes and lots lots more! Yes, movie passes is just one of it! So do check out their website often because they have so many great things that you can find there. So now back to our topic. Movie passes. All you got do to is just bookmark this page here and open it everyday. Whenever you see "NUFFNANG PREMIERE SCREENING", that's where I got all those free movie passes! Just had a read through, and answer a question that they stated there. It's just that simple. Comment your answers along with your blog URL and imotiv URL. 

For example: 

The question: 
“If you could travel into the video game world, which video game would visit first? And what would you say to the main character?

This is my answer:
If I could travel into the video game world, I would visit Pokemon World and tell the main character, "Hey Ash! Whadduppp.. Do you have blog? Give me your blog URL so that I could follow you on NuffnangX app! Then I could stalk you all the time!" Tee-heee :DDD *Grinss*

Imotiv URL: 
Blog URL:

*Some of you might be wondering why do I choose this particular post out of so many as  an example. HAHAHA. Well.. because I won GRAND PRIZE for this. lalalala :p*
So that's it. Once you submitted your comment, it will be send for moderation and tadaaaa your comment will appear the next day. Or if you posted on Friday, it will appear on the following Monday. They don't work on weekends ma. HEHEHEHE. Then you just wait lohhh. They will announce the winners through email invitation. Keep stalking their Twitter account because once they send out email, they will Tweet for sure! Haha.

It's pretty clear I think? LOLLL.

K I'm not done yet. Now is ChurpChurp time.

1. Register a ChurpChurp account. (

Churp Churp is a community for people who live and breathe social media, just like you! 
Find out more @

ChurpChurp is like a sister company of Nuffnang la. So basically they're like the same. Most of the screenings would held together at the same place, same day as well. Or sometimes only either one would have the screening.

For example, this screening: "KICK ASS 2"
Churp Churp:

If you realize in each post, the details of the screening are the same. =)

Just read through and they have all the instructions stated very very clear there.
It's either you need to post your answer at a FB event page or you need to share out the trailer at your status update. Then, fill in your details in the submission form in the space provided in the blog post.


Okay thanks bye... I nak balik rumah dahhh. Still in the office typing this now. HAHAHA. Kthxbai.

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