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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Premiere Screening of About Time

Thank you Nuffnang =)
"What if every moment in life came with a second chance?"

Imagine you fail you final exam and you get a second chance to resit your exam where this time you get to fix what you've fail!!! Or don't say about failing, what if we can prevent bad incident to happen such as accident or I can even make myself the richest person in the world! Buy Toto, or win in gamble. But we know that this would never ever happen. Because time is tickling. Time is running. So just enjoy every single moment in your life while you still have the chance. :)

Even make love as many times as you want! HAHAHAHAH.

I really really love her! Such a sweet and charming lady. She also cast for "The Vow" if anyone of you watch that movie before? It's also one of my favorite love movie. Ahhhhh I know righttttt. So romanticcc :)

And I really wanna confess that I'm a real cry baby. Don't know if this happened to all of you or anyone of you but I cried almost every of the movie that I watched. When the sad part come, my very-the-emotional-feeling will lai liao. LOLOLOLLLL. And then Mr.Dummy will turn around and look at me if I were crying and then he will start teasing me. Asshole betul. Ishhhhh. Haha.

But I wanna say that, this is a really good movie. Totally recommended especially for those of you who love to watch love movies. :) I rate this 9.5/10 =)

Watch the trailer below:

Till the next movie! Lovessss. 

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