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Monday, October 7, 2013

Nuffnang FoodFest 2013

Om nom nom nyommmmmmmmmmmmm..... It's Malaysia's first ever Tw(eat) fest whereby you tweet to eat. YES, you heard it right. :) How awesome la kan???

And of course... all the awesome vendors of the day!! This event would not happen without them! :)
I love this event! I love to spam my Twitter. And I love Food. So when you tweet and you gets free food, that's like heaven to me lah! HAHAHA. Don't wanna know how many KG I gain that day but nevermind! Who cares! :P Really thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia to organize such an amazing event. And you guys did a great job! Thumbs up to everyone! :) So I'll be writing and posting some of the pictures that I managed to took during that event day. Enjoy reading! or see-ing. *there's more pictures than words. :P* HAHA

Just me camwhoring in the car while we're on the way to Pyramid! :P

With the boyfriend :)
There's more but... It's not the main event of the day. Haha.

Registration counter!

People people people and more peeepooooooooo LOL

And not to forgot we also have the awesome possum Maggi counter! Eat-all-you-can Maggi! Slurpppsssss

Oh hi there Maggi packet :)

Check out our eating station! HAHAHAHA
How are we suppose to hold all of them to eat while we walk la kan?? I think next event, you guys should come out with seats and tables all around so that we can sit down and eat. If not susah lehhh.. :X

I almost screamed out when I turned around and see them! LOL. But end up still taking picture with them. HAHAHAHA

Say hi to the Yakult Lady! We need to take a picture with her and post it at Twitter in order to get the free Yakult! hehehh

Chilling out at the Juice Works booth! :)

Random snapshot! ;)

From left: Me, Valerie, and Cheryl

Mr.Wai How came along! :p

And also Mr.Alson and Mr.Luke too! Hehehh

Love this picta with this girl here :)

I also managed to snap with Mr.Ninja! No. I don't know whether it's a girl or boy. It looks like boy to me.  HAHA.

I didn't really take much picture on the food. I just remembered I ate quite many of them. So yeahhh.. I'll let the pictures to do the talking now! :)



Apart from tweeting for food, I've also won myself some beer vouchers. 2 voucher for each Guiness, Heneiken, and Tiger beer. In conjunction with the Octoberfest 2013! If you haven't heard about it, you can refer to my review here:

 My friends and I surely did enjoyed our time at the FoodFest! Tee-Heeee :p


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