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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Premiere Screening of Odd Thomas

Thanks Nuffnang ;)

I had no idea what this movie is all about at first. I didn't even plan to join it when I saw the contest. Haha. But don't know why, I ended up watching the trailer which I won't watch usually and yeahhh... I find that this movie is kinda.. not bad eventually! LOL. So and so. I got an invitation from Nuffnang and thanks for it I really glad that I went for this movie. It was GOOD!

No. It is not a horror movie. It's something sort of like those supernatural kind of movie thingy where Odd (the main actor) can actually sees death. And to know further please go and watch it. LOLL.

You would cry at the last part! :(

I would really recommend this movie. More info here: Rated 9/10 =')

Watch the trailer below:

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