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Monday, November 4, 2013

Mr.Dummy's 23th birthday ♥

And so.. November was yet a very special month because it's the boyfriend's birthday month. Last Saturday (2 Nov 2013), I sort of planned a birthday celebration and a little surprise for him with the help of some friends of course. Really appreciate to those who turned out the other night. I have few gratitude that I would like to address to. I know I might have already said it on my Instagram but I'm gonna post it here again. Hehe.

I would like to thank the awesome possum incredible creative yet crazy friend, miss Valerie Oon. I just realized that I forgot to tag you earlier on my Instagram and please forgive me for that! *slap slap*
This whole surprise thing would't had become so success because of her. The moment when I'm totally lost and worried because I have no idea at all what should I do for his birthday. And then we chat through Facebook message and slowly... we started to talk about this. She's the one who gave me the idea to cook a proper dinner. She's the one who introduce me some Youtube links for the cooking and also baking tutorial. Although not all dish were cooked as planned but yeahhh.. I think the birthday boy is satisfied! Haha.

Also, it's my first time attempt to cook a proper dinner and I'm glad that it was a success! :DD
Even the glass macam YES!!! HAHAHAA

Appetizer- Mushroom soup with garlic bread

Main dish- The Carrie's style Cod Fillets with fries, mushrooms and mixed vegetables. LOLLL
Thanks to my sister for helping at the kitchen. If not I think the birthday boy need to starve for hours only
get to eat. hahahaa.

Dessert- "Chocolate-Berry Ice Cream Cake".
Thanks to #MarthaStewart 's tutorial!  My cake presentation might fail but the taste is nice okay! Hahaha.

(I feel I have talent in cooking! LOLLL :P)

After dinner, had a little surprise where some of the bunch suddenly appear at my house to surprise him. And he have no idea about it at all! Hahaha. Plan Success! ^^v

No caption for this video! So awkwardly awkward! HAHAHA. I thought the surprise was suppose to held downstairs but yeahhh.. they came upstairs and I got shocked too. LOLLL 

We had to use a real cooking knife to cut the cake because it's too hard. Over-frozen. :/ 

 Anyone notice the birthday boy's hand? Tee-heeee :pp

We head on the Zouk Club KL for our second round after party! Hehehh
Damn this picture would be perfect if my eyes were open! Ahhhhhh :X

#love =)

And lastly, #Project114 was a success too! He said he love it more than the wallet that I bought for him. Lol. Anyway, thanks to Max for helping me to collect wishes from Groupon peeps.. Also, thanks to Cy's sis and bro for collecting wishes from the relatives and family side. And those who replied via Facebook! (You know who you are ;P)
Some of the wishes:-

Birthday present for him =)
Yes I bought him a wallet because his previous wallet is really gay. LOL.

Overall, this birthday celebration was a success one! Many thanks to all of you who contribute to make this happen! =)

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