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Monday, November 18, 2013

Premiere Screening of Battle of the Year

Thanks to Hitz.Fm for this movie. Here's the story of how I won this tickets. I was driving back home in the middle of the night. About 11 something I guess? Then, I heard Denise from Hitz. saying that she's giving out ticket at this hour! So okaylah... I grab my brother's phone and dial 03-9543 3311.. just to try on my luck lah... I called the first time and don't know why it was cut or what then I called up again for the second time and fortunately, I got through! So and bla bla bla.. I scream and shout and yeah... that's basically how I managed to got these four tickets! Hehehe. And when I went back home, I ran up to my room and on Hitz.Fm on my mobile and asked my mum to listen together because eventually, "My voice gonna be LIVE on air soon!" HAHAHA. So vainnnnn.. But yeahhh.. my brother, my mum and I end up listening to my crazy voice on air. LOLLL. :p 

Actually, I was waiting for this movie to come out for real long. I don't remember when but I know I've been seeing this trailer for so so long already. And finally it's here! And thanks to Hitz. for the premiere screening yo! :)

This movie is basically about DANCE. DUHHHH.. LOL. And it's all about B-BOY! And that's why I invited Kenji for the movie though. At least someone who's familiar about all this eh. :p 

Not bad. But to those who are not a fan of dancing, it might be kinda boring to you. I think so lah.. I don't know but quite a meaningful movie. Rated 8/10 =)

"Act like a champion, Be champion!" :)

Watch the trailer below:

Oh and thanks to Wai How for the Snowflakes treat! :p

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