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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kenji's birthday @ Leonardo's + Upstairs Cafe

So it was Kenji's birthday today so Wai How and I decided to give him a little surprise and go out for a little celebration too. We bought a bow tie for him because he said he wanna have one! Haha so yeahhh. I forgot to take a picture of that but it's nice lahhh. :P So the surprise suppose to be like this:

I asked Kenji out for a movie without letting him know that Wai How was actually hiding in my house at 7pm. So he was suppose to pick me up at 7.30pm. So when he reached, I called him in saying that I need his help to help me carry some stuff but actually was for the surprise. Yes the movie doesn't exist. LOL. So what I expect is that when Wai How surprise him, his reaction would be "Wth!!!" or "Dafuqqq" Sort of this kind of reaction. But end up.. he goes like this "Ohhhh" I was like da heckkk? =___= Blame Wai How for the fail surprise plan! LOLLL :PP But anyway, we still went for celebration. Hehehe.. Okay we were supposed to go to Ploy Cafe, but we couldn't find it through Waze, so we went to Leonardo's instead. Another wishlist cleared! Heheheh :ppp

(Source: EatDrinkKL)

Didn't know what to order and ended up with Aglio Olio Spagetti :D

Wai How's Pork Tenderloin

I forgot to take Kenji's one but you can sort or see it in the picture below. LOL 
Birthday boy with his Cordon Bleu :)

He requested for this! Haha.

The menu no image. I expect a pretty dessert on a plate and this is what I got. LOL.

US =)
 Look at Wai How. Drink little bit je satu muka dah merahhhh hahahaha XD

We finished our dinner around 10pm and decided to head on to a cafe for cakes. What's a birthday celebration without cake right? =) So we went to Upstairs cafe @ Subang.
Thanks to Iphone front camera for this blur image. lol

I had a great night, great dinner, and a great laugh! Sorry to our dear Mr.Wai How if we really over tease you. But I know you won't mind geh lahhhh HAHAHAHA.

And finally, still haven't over 12am. :p 

You know what we want, and we know you can do it! Jia you!!! =)

 "Wo zai ni xin lin, The night is still young, Li ba lu si an zua" (Wai How, 2013) :ppp 

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