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Friday, December 20, 2013

Neck allergic.

As per title, yes I got neck allergic recently. Actually, I'm not really sure that it is even an allergic! LOL. But it looks like rashes to me la. I remember previously, it happened on my cheek and I recover few days after that. And now, my neck kena again. Da heckkkk.. =.= But anyway, this is not the main point that I'm trying to address to.

Okay look. This is the first day when I realized I got this rashes thingy.

It was so itchy and I can't control myself from scratching it and it became this.

I finally cannot stand with the fugly look and decided to see doctor. So I took MC on last Monday and eventually went to clinic. Doc gave me an injection to stop my itchiness, three types of medicine to eat, and a lotion for me apply on the affected area.
First two-three days, it's still good.

But it became worst back out of no where!!!! Sighhhhh :X
So fuglyyyyy laaaaaa :/

And you know what, my awesome grandma gave me this to apply.


This is my cute grandma.
I should just look for her next time whenever I'm sick. She's my doctor, and she cook the best soup ever! What more can I ask for? :)

Thanks grandma. ILY ♥

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