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Monday, December 30, 2013

Secret Santa and Secret Buddy!

So as mentioned in last two post, I had two awesome Christmas celebration with two bunch of awesome peoples. Of course, what's Christmas without presents right? Hehehhh.

And so, we played the Secret Santa Game! Hohoho... =D

So if you people have no idea at all about Secret Santa, let me explain to you.

This is actually a game where you would require 3 or more players. Of course you need more than 2 la if not the two people just exchange present only lah! HAHA. So here's how this game works.

Every single player in the game would have a secret santa and also a secret buddy. Nobody will know who is who's secret santa. And of course if you have a santa, you would have a buddy as well. So throughout your celebration, you have to treat your buddy nice. Along the night, you can give him/her some little rewards such as chocolates/sweets/flowers and etc. Or even you can write some sweet notes or even paste his/her picture on the wall. Hahaha. Be creative and play around lah as long as you don't let your buddy find out your real identity.

How do you determine your santa and buddy you ask me?
The traditional way, we draw out names from boxes. But we this bunch of busy people.. can't gather together to meet up, so we used the modern way by using Iphone app where the app itself will generate and send to each one of us randomly. 
This was last year btw. :)

But this app sucks!!! I don't really recommend this app. I had to send like 2 or 3 times because some people didn't receive the email and some received twice. Make people confuse je... Haizzz.. 

Anyway, I found a really good website and I'm definitely gonna use it this year for our 2014 Christmas party. Heheheh :P I found this really awesome lahh because you can even list down your wishlists, restrictions or messages for your santa! Haha. At least these gives some ideas for the gifts right. :D

So this year, for the G-peeps celebration, we had a BBQ party so it just last for few hours so we didn't really need to like prepare sweet notes or rewards for the buddy. Yes. Just present. HAHA. And out of 16 peoples participating, I got IVAN ONG. LOLLL. Funney right... He was my santa last year which where he didn't do a very good job as a santa. Hahaha. Anyway, I got him a box of beers. I supposed this suits him ba. At least better than giving Jacobs biscuits lahhhh hahahaha.

I forgot to take a picture of the beer. So I find it through Google. HAHAHA

 And this is what my santa got me! It's a she and I'm sorry I guessed wrongly! :(
I got two masks and a hand cream. You read my mind Santa! I really wanted a mask! HAHAHA.
And finally, a picture with my secret santa (left) and my secret buddy (right)

Okay I'm done for Version 1. As for the Version 2 party, I got Kenji as my buddy! HAHAHA. So this would be a little bit different because of party last for 2 days 1 night and damn yes, we need to treat our buddy nice along the party. So this is what I made for him. 
Cute little Santa origamis!!! And the idea of it is like he would get each of it one by one and once he got all five of it, he would see his name. Quite nice right this idea. Haha.
Credit to this video tutorial:
A Santa Doraemon to start up the night! hahaha

And I forgotten to snap the present again. Too excited to wrap I guess! LOL. 
(That's his present that he supposed to hold btw. hahahaah)

Anyway, I got him two caps. Took me quite some time to think what to get for him. Ended up I bought two caps which I think it's nice lahhh.. And after that I found out that he had 30+ over caps. @.@ Damn! Should have got him something more special. But anyway, he said he loved it so okaylahhhh.. hahaha.  

And guess who's my santa? HAHAHA. It turned out to be LIM CHERN YANG. LOLLL..
Throughout the night, I got two times of Nougats which I forgot to snap again. haha. Besides that, nothing much :( But you know why? HAHAHA. He said that he actually did a lot of things. For example, giving me water, taking food for me and etc.. But how am I suppose to know lah if you didn't mention that it was from my secret santa? You were my boyfriend so by doing all these is normal la kan... HAHAHA. Funnerhhhhh.

Anyway, he got me a RED NIKE CAP!!! (He knows I love Nike and Red and I haven't got a Nike cap so he got me that. Add on to my Nike collection and another wishlist cut off! Hehehe.)
Thanks baby. I love it. =)

Definitely had an awesome Christmas celebration this year. Can't wait for the next one! Tee-heeee.. Kthxbyeeeee :DD

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