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Monday, December 16, 2013


So last Saturday, I went to the biggest party to end the year. Yes it's Thirst2013 babeh!!! The event was held at Sepang International Circuit. Actually, ChurpChurp invited me for this event one month ago. I was kinda blur because I've never heard of this event previously. Yes for real. Haha. Then the first thing I asked them was can I bring a plus one. LOLLL. And after this that bla bla blahhh.. so they got me two normal tickets.
And of course... all thanks to my awesome possum nai ma for another two VIP tickets yo! :DDD Heineken was actually her company's client. I'm not sure what they were doing but I know it's something to do with advertising la I think. And because the dance idol competition is the day after this event, so she can't go and she gave her tickets to me! 
Wheeeeeee.. I'm a happy girl ^^

Do stalk HeinekenMY's social media website for more details yo!:

Artist line up of the night! :D

And so.. I went with Loo See, Wai How, and Kenji. I believed all of us had a great time that night! I hope so? LOL. Okay we shall let the pictures do the talking now shall we? :)

Started my party night with a fireworks babeh!!!
So prettyyyyyyy :)

Kenji and I went in first using the VIP tickets. They provide shuttle van to bring us into the main entrance from the place we parked our car. 
Free drinks specially for VIPs ;)
And the four of us meet up later on! :)
More picturesssssss

Okay enough of camwhoring photo spamming. HAHAHA. One thing I'm really amazed at was the lightning effect from the stage. Red, green, blue.. and boom you go with all the awesome DJ's mashed up! What an epic night! :DD
Kannnn??? :DDD

One of the video that I took at the event that night:

Totally gonna join again next year! Heineken you rock babeh! Just that your drink abit too expensive la.. :(

Ending my post with my selfie of that night LOL. 

So when's the next partay? ;)

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