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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Premiere Screening of The Legend of Hercelus

No. I did not win this premiere. Sighhh :X Thanks Mr.Raymond for bringing me though. That dude has been lucky recently to win all those premieres. LOL. Anyway, this was kind last minute too. I've actually plan to go gym that night as I don't have any plan but then.. yeahhh.. end up at MidValley watching this movie. And I'm really glad that I went! Because this movie is so freaking awesome babeh!!! A great movie to start up 2014 I guess! Hehehhh =D
Of course, thanks to ChurpChurp too although I didn't win la..hahaha.

Okay so let's get back to this movie review. "The Legend of Hercules" First of all, I would rate this movie 9.8/10. Why?
1. The main actor is HOT
2. Hercules is HOTTT 
3. Kellan Hutz (Main actor aka Hercules) is HOTTTT 
HAHAHAHAHA. *Dayummmmmmmmmm* Rofllll :pp

Okay la. Is not really because of his body la DUHHH.. LOL. The whole movie is good. The final battle was epic. The love story was so touching can die. Everything was just so perfect! :) There's something that I wanna say but I can't remember and I don't know what I'm crapping right now. Wait I know I remember but why suddenly it flew off from my mind. LOL. Errrr.. Okay nevermind. I forgotten.

Okay now I remember. I remember learning this in my literature class back in college last time. But I don't recall that Hercules were actually the son of Zeus? How many children does Zeus have la? In Percy Jackson 2, the girl in tree also Daughter of Zeus right? I forgotten her name. Ok fine nevermind whatever. But I really interested in all these Greek thingy. Obsessed with their power also lah. hahaha. 

And oh my.. this is Hercules (Kellan Lutz) and Hebe (Gaia Weiss)... ♥.♥ 
I'm sorry for the photo spamming but I just can't help it! HAHAHA. :PPP


And finally.. movie date of the night! 
Thanks for the movie, Wai How. Us with the casual look on cap yo! =D (And yes I admit, Iphone front camera sucks! KTHXBAI!)

Watch the trailer below:


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