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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hair evolution.

This CNY, I've decided to dye my hair to sort of like purplish colour. The purple that I expect to have is something like this:

Stole all the photos from some of the 76 hairstylist Insta page. :p

But somehow it turned out like this:

My original hair
So long eh LOL

After redye my black hair part.

After dyed. I don't see any purple here. @.@

So the aunty asked me to go back the saloon the following day to dye again and somehow I got something like this:
Okayyy I sort of see some dark purple lahhhh.. although didn't really achieve the colour that I wanted because I did not bleach my hair. That's why I couldn't get the purple that I wanted.

But I still don't really satisfied because she leave the top part of my hair brown. (Don't think you realized because it's not really obvious by looking from the picture above).

But you can see it clearly here:
Now you know. LOL

So end up, I went back to the saloon for the third time and redye back the top part of the hair so that I get a whole new look of complete purple hair. HAHAHAH

Final result:
This was taken during CNY eve. Okay lahhh was kinda happy with the outcome though. This year be guai a bit lahhhh.. Go with darker hair colour. HAHAHA.

I still look pretty on CNY!! :P
One of the picture that I like very much. With my pretty mummyyyy :)) Taken with #SonyNex5TL

View more of my CNY photos @ HERE :DD Not sure if I'm gonna update a post on my CNY because I'm really lazy recently.. and with no internet connection at my home, it's kinda difficult for me to update my blog often though hmmmm:/ anyway, we'll see how lahhhh.. that's all for now. kthxbai. :D

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