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Thursday, April 24, 2014

230414 - Black Wednesday

Typing this with my phone right now. I guess I gotta start to get use to it because I don't have laptop to use now. Hmmm. My house got breaked in by thief last night.
I don't know how and why it happened but it just did. All of my family members were sleeping and none of us realized or heard any sound at all. They even came upstairs!  How creepy was that?! :/ Luckily our bedroom's door were locked. And thank god that no one was injured. Physically everyone was okay. But mentally.. I AM NOT OKAY!!!! Those motherfucker assholes took three laptops, my Nike bag pack ( I think they use it to put the laptops inside), some of my mum's jewelleries which worth about 10K, cash about 1K, and the most importantly... My god damn PORTABLE EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE!!!!
Arghhhhhh all my photos and videos were inside. Those memories.. Those pictures which were so priceless.. Which I couldn't find it back.. Music and movies can be downloaded back again. But how can I retrieve back all my photos and videos? I can't download memories.. Oh goshhh.. Feel so hopeless. :( Especially when I'm a type of person who loves to take pictures a lot. LIKE REALLY A LOT. All those really meant a lot to me. I might just able to find back 60% of it from friends and Facebook. Others were totally gone case!!! The funny thing was.. First they took the whole laptop bag with my hard drive and laptop inside. But they somemore take out my mouse and 3 pendrives. SO WHY DON'T THEY TAKE OUT ALONG THE HARD DISK TOO?! ZZZZ Second funny thing is that they dig out two hard disk which were spoilt from the drawer but they didn't take it. Like seriously?! And I don't think they have time to check all the hard disk one by one lohhhhh... And moreover.. All the laptops were locked. They need a passcode to unlock it. Why so coincidence? Or maybe because the hard disk is hidden inside so they didn't see it and just take it along? Police came and make report. But why can they really do? I asked the officer earlier this morning and he can't really give me a satisfying answer and was seems to be rushing to finish work! But lastly... What happened has happened. I believed everything happen for a reason. So my dear god, this is another challenge from you huh?! Life still has to goes on. My case wasn't that bad compared to what happen to MH370.. Or the South Korean ship. Let it go and move on. Memories that are gone.. So create a new one. I might still be very sensitive about this though these few days. So yeahhh.. Don't mention laptop or hard disk Infront of me please. Signing off now. Goodnight. 

Oh.. And screw you thief! God is watching. Wait till you got your punishment!

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