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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party #NeoGalHE

Last Sunday, I was invited by ChurpChurp to Herbal Essences Neo Gal Party which was held at Signature @ The Roof, First Avenue Bandar Utama. I didn't notice I got the email invitation until Nick told me at Rio 2's movie premiere. =.= I was like, "Huh? Got meh? Wait let me checkkk" Hahaha. LOL But then, I'm really glad that I attended the event. Because I get to meet my favorite blogger JANE CHUCK!!!! *screamsssss* :DDD Besides Jane, there were so many other beautiful ladies there too such as Cheesie, Audrey(FourfeetNine), BoboStephanie, Nana and many more. I believed that everyone surely had a really good time there and of course.. a lot of #selfies :P Gonna spam you people with so many photos later on muahahahaha :DD

As the theme of the day was Neo Gal, I purposely did a very very last minute shopping the day before. Spent money again. Oh goshhh. :X
Top from Cotton On / High waist pants & Cardigan from Forever 21 

And of course, I get to bring along my plus one and they somemore emphasized in the email "Strictly no boys allowed :P" So my first babe who came into my mind was Loo See. Somemore she's like a really crazy big fan of Jane Chuck! (You can't imagine how she really go crazy when she saw Jane at the event! Macam nampak celebrity je! LOL)
Both of us at the Herbal Essences backdrop :)

I've never been to The Roof before and I was kinda excited when they said that the venue was changed to The Roof instead of The Pool @ Ampang. But I also haven't been to The Pool before lah wtf hahaha.
The whole place is so pinkish and purlish to suit up the Herbal Essences : Japan Series Shampoo, "Sweet Rose" and "Soft Lavender"

And here is our Miss Ong the Kpop Star to be :P (Macam yes! Hahaha)
See who is the photographer also la kan? *feeling proud* :P
(Her OOTD -  Top: Forever 21 / Pants: H&M / Bag: Charles and Keith / Boots: TopShop)

At the event, there's a lot of exciting activities prepared for us. There's this Hair Chalk Booth where we can highlight our hair, manicure booth, tattoo booth, Cheesie's DIY Cupcake corner, Jane's DIY Headband Corner, and photo corner of course! Hehehh :D I'll let the pictures do the talking now :P
Yay matching tattoo for both of us!
So serious making my cupcake hahaha
Happy girls with pretty nails :DD (No, I'm not married nor engaged LOL)

Photo session at the Sweet Rose and Soft Lavender Photobooth Corner!
We forgot to collect our photos from the Sweet Rose Booth :(

Bloggers Q&A sessions!
There's also this live hair makeover demo by Number 76 Hair Studio. *Where most of the pretty bloggers went to haha*

Oh and I met #FighterTiah too! And he's sho shooooo adorableeeeeeeeeeeee 

Okay here comes the highlight of the day! *drum rollssssssssssssssss*

Selfies and more selfies and pictures time with all the pretty bloggerssss :DDD
This picture would be perfect if Jane is inside too! Too bad she went away by the time we took this picture. :(

Not to forget our own selfie too! :P
What's with that duck face Miss Ong? =.=

The event then ended with DJ Jane on the set yo! Damn swag lahhhhh =D
There's so many photos that I wished I could post them all here hahaha. Anyway, you guys can view more photos at my Facebook album @ HERE :) 

Ending this post with my favorite photo of the day! :)
Both of us surely did had a great time and a lot of fun! Thank you Nuffnang, ChurpChurp, and Herbal Essences for organizing such a wonderful event! Please make more event like this ya. Next event, let us hang out with XiaXue and baby Dash pulak la kay? HAHAHA *Just saying lah :P* Kthxbai! :D

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