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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Hello everyone, my name is Carrie. I lived in Klang. Not gonna mention which area specifically but I'm taking a lot of courage to post this. Recently, my home got break in by thief and I have a very important thing which got stolen. It's my 1TB external Seagate hard drive. And I'm pretty sure that the thief didn't mean to take it as they didn't take the 3 other hard drives. My hard drive was inside my laptop bag and they took the whole bag so I think they didn't notice it was inside the bag. The reason I'm writing this is hopefully with the power of social media.. Somehow.. maybe perhaps somebody out there might come across it? I don't know but it's worth to give a shot.

The hard drive is really really important to me as I have all my 23 years of memories in it. And I don't have any backup T_______T
I can't rewrite or re-download all the pictures and videos that I took all this while.

If anyone of you who somehow came across my hard drive.. I mean by looking through my data in it.. could you please do a good deed to contact me and return it to me? Or perhaps the person who took it is reading this? 3 laptops taken, cash and some golds taken. But I really want my hard drive back so badly :( I'm willing to give out cash in return as long as I can have my hard drive back with all my datas in it.

Some details of the hard drive:

Date of item lost: 23 April 2014
Brand: 1TB Seagate
The hard drive was name under "CARRIE YAP".
Attached image below is the serial number of the hard disk:

The moment you clicked in it, you'll see few docs such as:-
and etc...

I know this might sounds ridiculous.. people been searching for dogs, children and so.. but I'm looking for hard drive instead? You people must be thinking I'm wasting my time.. But.. I think I just wanna give a shot and try. So people, do me favor by sharing this note out for me will ya? Who knows there are really miracle and someone good out there might have gotten my hard drive and just don't know how to contact me back? Sounds impossible but think positive shall we? TQ. *finger crossed* :)

Any news, I'm contactable via email: or Facebook

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