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Monday, May 19, 2014

Midnight thoughts.

I feel that I'm really big head prawn. T______T Direct translate from "Tai Tau Ha" in Cantonese which means careless. I keep misplaced my stuffs. And not only misplaced.. but I don't even know when exactly I lost it. By the time I realized it, it's like how the hell would I know when or where I lost it wor. How I wish I can use Doraemon's gadget to find them back now. My personalized name necklace, silver earring, even my Pillo pet! Really wonder how can they disappear just like that :( Losing laptops and hard disk already gave me so much pain.. Now losing more and more stuffs again? Looks like this year is not really a good year for me? Hmmm I don't know but I shall off to bed now. Yes I'm typing this with my phone right now. 

Oh and btw, I've change my blog URL. If you noticed, I'm using the same name for my Fb, Twitter and Instagram as well. Wanna standardized everything using the same name. What do you think of the name? Let me know if you have any comment. Goodnight people :)

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