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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Premiere Screening of The Edge of Tomorrow

Sankiuuuu Nuffnang and ChurpChurp againnnn =D

What would you feel like to live, then die.. then repeat your live all over again and die and repeat and again okay you know what? Cut the crap. Conclusion of this movie: LIVE. DIE. REPEAT. Yeahhh.. That pretty much sums up this whole movie is about. LOL.

Rated 7/10 =D

Watch the trailer below:

Pictures time! :DD

Went to TWG before the movie. 
Endless selfie as usual. LOL

After the screening, everyone looked pretty tensed up and tired because of the 3D IMAX effect. But I still insist to take a few group pictures before we leave. Poor them have to bear the tiredness because of me. Haha. 
Oh goshhh miss Loo See can you don't keep copy what I wear. LOLLL. Both of us keep wear something which is similar recently. Whenever I wore flower, she would wear it too, look at the picture above. Our prints were different but it look kinda same from the far. It's so funny when both of us walk together hahahahah. Anyway, so yeahhh.
Ignore my big fat arms :X

Bye for now. Maleficent tomorrow yo! :D

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