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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Premiere Screening of Godzilla

Thank you ChurpChurp once again for the premiere invites heheh :D
Everyone who haven't watch this movie must be thinking that Godzilla is the badass. But IT'S NOT!!! Zomggggg.. Turn out to be.. godzilla was the Hero! This is the tricking part of the movie. They didn't show the other two monsters which also called as "Muto" in the trailer or in the posters. 
Yet, another awesome movie this year! And much way BETTERRRRR than the first one in 1998 if not mistaken. LOL. So much difference hahaha. Anyway, rated 10/10 for this movie! =D

Watch the trailer below:

Dummy and I went to Caffe Bene before the movie. First try and it was not bad! Haha.
Strawberry Pat-BingSu!!! :)

X-Men next week! Oh yeah babehhh Heheheh :DD


  1. Is the strawberry nice? Will it sweet for the strawberry?

    1. not bad not bad not really sweet lah hehehe :DD


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