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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Premiere Screening of Maleficent

Wheeeeee... been looking forward for this movie for so long... Thanks ChurpChurp and Nuffnang for being so nice to me. LOL. They have quite limited tickets to give away but I managed to won two pairs though. Haha. And you know what's the awesome part about this screening? Party babehhh.. party =D
Dah lah the movie ticket super big than usual.. plus party somemore? Lagi awesome la kannn hahaha. And this party is not the party like the previous Halloween party that we went you know. Read the blog post here: (I'm talking about the FOOD btw HAHAHA) 
But first, let us take a selfie! Haha.

There's food, photo booth and they even hired people to dressed up in the Maleficent theme characters!
Looks so grand right? Haha
Pattern liao liao :p
Seeee.. they really took a lot of effort to dress up kan.. Of course la I must take a picture with them hahaha. 
With the boyfie!

In conjunction with the movie, ChurpChurp and Nuffnang also organized a best dress competition where we can actually wear our best Maleficent outfits! And I can't find any purple dress, crows, cape or any Maleficent headgear.. so I decided to just wear my long black dress. Macam pergi dinner pulak LOL. 
Ootn from: Forever 21
Scary look attempt fail LOLOLL

Anyway, I was glad that I won myself second prize where I got a Maleficent T-Shirt, Watch, and also cap. Well they also give along the posters la but damn big don't know where to stick also hahaha. Okay Let's talk about the movie shall we? :D
You must be thinking that this movie is like the fairy tale movie, Sleeping Beauty. Yes! It was.
But it was not really the same as I expected it to be in fact. Haha. Turns out to be, Maleficent was the one who take care Aurora. Somemore was the one who gave the kiss to break the curse? LOLOLLL. But someone told me that this was actually the true fact behind this fairy tale. I don't know lah but I really love the whole movie. The story plot and everything. It's something different from from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale that I once used to watch again and again. Haha. And one thing I would like to emphasize was Angie's acting! Thumbs up for that!!!!

Love the way she act. She really brings up the character really well :)

Totally recommended this movie! 9/10 =D

Watch the trailer below:

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