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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Premiere Screening of How to Train Your Dragon 2

Well.. not exactly premier I would say cos the movie already release before we went for this screening. Funny thing is that.. I've search online.. all the website and movie database.. stated the release date for this movie is 12th June but I think my friend watched it last Sunday which is on the 8th of June itself already. =.=
But nevermind la.. at least I still get to watch a free one. Somemore watch at a new mall with a new cinema whereby the seats and environment are damn cun! If you always have a trouble viewing the screen because the person sitting infront you is too tall or something, well afraid not because you won't find this problem in this cinema! And the seats were totally comfortable that you can fall asleep anytime haha.

Some activities before the movie. There were quiz sessions, photobooth with the movie backdrop and props, and also free cupcakes!

I watched the first episode so many times that I can almost remember the scripts already! And the second episode is back with more cuteness of Toothless and more action of Hiccup! And unbelievable Hiccup's dad just died just like that!!! WHYYYYYY T____T  Yeah I cried wtf. Lol. But damn sad lahhhh :( The moment when Hiccup scolded Toothless.. ughhhh just look at Toothless guilty face :( Hmmm, but overall the movie is really good! Cartoon lovers especially, you guys must not miss this yea! :) 
A must watch movie! Rated 9/10 =D

Watch the trailer below:

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