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Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend joy :)

So my last weekend was kinda productive lah I would say. Gonna blog on how I spent my weekend hehehh :) It's crazy, fun, wild yet awesome lahhhhh :DD

On Saturday, I went to Sunway Lagoon with three kids (Ivan, Mc, and Loo See). Actually this Lagoon plan was supposed to happen on the 30th of May in conjunction with our princess Cheryl's birthday. Why Lagoon if you asked? It's because or princess never been there yet. 23 years but that's the fact. LOLL. So because I'm such a good friend, thus I organized this plan to make her dream come true lah cheh wahhh :P But sadly... out of so many people in our gang, only 4 including myself who wants to go. Well, haven't include 3 who ffk la. But nevermind lo.. 4 people also go lahh.. We still can have fun even though less people. :) And we did have fun indeed! What more crazy is that we seems to like taking this so seriously that we have to stay overnight at Mc's house the night before so that we don't have to rush here and there the next morning! It's just Sunway Lagoon for goodness sake and it's not even out of Selangor! HAHAHA. Thinking about it really makes us look so funny. LOL. And so our day starts up with selfies! Lololl :P
Not bad ma hor Iphone5S front camera quality! Haha :P

And so we arrived!!! =D
One thing I regretted was that I didn't sneak in food. Well we managed to sneaked in 6 cans of beers thanks to me hahaha. When I passed by the security so easily I was like, Damnnn I should have bring in more snacks and drinks. Okay next time. LOL.
Just a few pictures cos you know lah. Play so adventurous rides and water. Wouldn't want my phone to drop somewhere or in the water lah kan.. haha. :p And we had to cheat for ice lahhh because they wouldn't give us a cup of ice and give us in a plastic instead. So smart lo them. But we even smarter. We said that our friend was injured and we need some ice to heal him lolollll. Luckily I brought my water bottle in and we pour our beer inside and drink it. Like so desperate like and no money to buy drinks like that HAHAHAHA

Summary of the day: Quite many people also lah that day so we didn't really been to every rides and plus two of them was in the mid of renovation somemore. Haizzz.. But since I went to Lagoon for several times already, so basically I've been to all the rides already. Except those in the Extreme park like G-Force, Bungee Jump and etc. All those requires extra charges and it's super expensive lah!!! And talking about Horror Park, we didn't manage to go to :( The first time when we wanted to go, the que was so damn long okay nevermind lah then we go back again the second time when the que was much lesser and we was blocked from going in because we don't have our slippers on wtf? -.- So we went to the Safari and visited all the animals instead. lol. Oh oh and I finally sat on the "Vu-vu-ze-la" thingy! (Yay!) :DDD
When it just launched, I keep hearing it on the radio.. VU-VU-ZE-LA VU-VU-ZE-LA.. and everytime I get to see the whole view of Lagoon from Sunway Pyramid, I told myself that I must ride on the red orange vortex thingy! Haha and it was really fun! You guys should totally try it. Haha. And thanks to the two guys for bullying me for the entire day. Damn, I gotta make sure I learn how to swim man. -.- 
 I think that's pretty much sums up our day there. Oh not to forgotten, thanks to Chris we get to have a 40% less on our tickets yo! :D
At the end of the day, I totally got sun burned and after I took my medicine after that, I totally KO liao plus the effect of the medicine make me really dizzy. LOL. (Yes I was sick hahaha.)
It's a great place for family day out. But I really don't recommend you to go during peak season. You wouldn't have much fun if you waited for half an hour just to sit on a 5 minutes ride right? 

3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway,
47500 Selangor Darul 

Click here to view the rates:

So since I pretty used up my energy the whole day on Saturday, you guys must be thinking my Sunday would be a relaxing and chill Sunday? Haha. You're wrong. I went to Bukit Cahaya with another 3 kids (Wai How, Kenji, and Khai Ling). LOLOLLL. (You must thinking where the hell I got my energy right hahaha and in fact, I don't know neither)
But maybe because of promise I think? I still get my lazy ass up although how much I don't want to. (I'm a person who really like to stick on the bed and you would hardly find me waking up for morning exercises.) But because we all planned this previously, so no matter how I don't wish to get up, I still get up because I promised already and I don't want to break my promise.
We took the wrong way and walked for I don't know? Half an hour or more maybe? All thanks to our dear Mr.Wai How. -.- We were waiting for our turn to get the bicycle so we decided to walk to the Safari park manalah tauuuu someboody brought us to the wrong direction and we walked there for nothing. 
No. It was a different red shirt I swear lol. I really love red colour and I decided to dress all up in red to match all my Nike stuffs. #ImmaNikeFreak Hahaha
So when we got our bike, we ride on for about an hour plus before we get back. 
 Pretty love how I spend my weekend lah I would say. Rather than sitting at home sleeping, online and eat.. at least I go out there and get myself sweat right. Hehe. Let's hope there's more the days like these in the future eh? Next week swimming perhaps? :P Finger crossed haha. Alright, I will stop here then. Toodles! :)

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