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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Premiere Screening of 22 JumpStreet

Thanks ChurpChurp you rock like you always do! :D

I didn't know there was 21 JumpStreet untill Chris told me! Haha. So what somemore, of course I go download and watch la since I'm gonna watch 22 JumpStreet. Like duhhh? Haha. And Chaning Tatum is still that HOTTTTT... Omgoshhhhh!!! I still remember watching him in this movie!
Oh myyyy.. Totally melts my heart.♥♥♥

And now..... he's back with more HOTNESS!!!! Together with his so unlikely hot partner hahaha. okaylah Jonah Hill is not hot but he's funny! Lol. Okay I have no idea what am I crapping right now. so yeahhhh... 22 JumpStreet is a story whereby two cops (Channing Tatum as Jenko and Jonah Hill as Schmidth) went undercover in a college to to investigate a drug syndicate. And things just get funny... hahahaha. Omg I can't stop laughing thinking about certain movie scenes justnow. LOL.
This double duo will make you laugh, giggle, wiggle, and crack like nobody's business throughout the whole movie I swear!!!! A lot of F words though. HAHAHAH. :P
This part didn't come out wan? They must have cut the scene out already haizzz -.-

You guys gotta watch this movie like seriously! TOTALLY RECOMMENDED YO! Rated 9.5/10 =D

Watch the trailer below:

Check this video out for those of you who have already watch it. Hahaha.

Movie dates of the night! It's been so long since there were more than 4 people. LOLLL. Okay more to come kay. :D
Selfie with the two kids! :P
And as usual, Miss Carrie's never ending fat round face with an awkward smile selfie lololl

OOTD of the night. Loving this picture! #nofilter Photo credit to the boyfriend :)
Cap - Terranova / Denim outwear - I Feel (Asian Avenue) / Red top - Limited Edition Step Up Revolution Merchandise that the bf won from previous movie / Denim shorts - Forever 21 / Canvas shoes - H&M / Handbag - Charles & Keith 

Okay gottta sleep now. Byeeeeee :D

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