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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Premiere Screening of Deliver Us From Evil

Thank you ChurpChurp :)
It's been a while since I last went for horror movie. This one was just okay for me. I still prefer The Conjuring or Mama if you asked. The story line is mostly talking about exorcism. Kinda reminds me to The Devil Inside though. Read the review here: I felt that this movies is too dragging. Almost two hour if not mistaken. LOL.
But thumbs up to all the casts who play the role of the person who being possessed. It definitely need a lot of skills in it. Especially Jane's role! Makeup producer did an amazing job too I suppose? Hahaha
And you'll find the most handsome and cool priest ever in this movie! :P
Watch the trailer below:

And here's my movie dates of the night!
Kthxbyeeee :D

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