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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Strongbow: Meet the Gold, Honey & Elderflower

Good news to all Cider fans out there as Strongbow, the number one global cider brand unveils three new exciting variants in Malaysia that would colour, dynamism to everyone's life.

Strongbow proudly present to you…

Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold, Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey and Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower!! 
(Photo credit to Strongbow Malaysia)

Made from the freshest REAL apples, these new variants will definitely provide you a refreshing taste where you can enjoy your ‘Golden’ moments in life. The three new Strongbow Apple Ciders will be available in store in early December 2014. :)

Last Wednesday, a few bloggers including myself was invited by Nuffnang to the Strongbow Apple Cider new variants preview event at 31 Square, Sunway Damansara. Thank god the rain stopped as you can see in the picture below, the event venue was partially outdoor. 

Okay no matter what... FOOD COMES FIRST!!! :P

And once you’ve warmed up your tummy, it’s BOOZE TIME babehhh!!! =D 
Oh hello there Mr.Original. You must be so lonely all this while. Glad you have new family members now! Haha :P

We were then greeted with a short dance performance in conjunction with the launching of the three new variants. Guys please concentrate...Eyes on the cider, not the girls. :P And that's what all the boxes are all about! Haha.
In the picture with the pretty dancers are Mr.Bruce Dallas, Marketing Director of Guiness Anchor Berhad (GAB) (left) and Mr.Hans Essaadi, Managing Director of Guiness Anchor Berhad (GAB) (right)

Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold
Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold brings out a warm golden yellow colour which symbolizes the premium taste of the unique essence of sweet and crisp apple. I think all Cider fans will definitely love this variant especially the men. This combination of the strong cider taste and apple make the whole cider taste just perfect! Certainly would be a perfect drink for a hot sunny afternoon.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey
Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey would definitely be a choice for all sweet lovers.  Matched with its name "Honey", this variant comes with a golden bronze hue that delivers an organic Honey saccharine taste. I personally think that this is a combination of both Gold and Elderflower variant whereby the taste of the cider and sweet aroma taste of honey are balanced.

Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower
Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower offers the signature floral aroma from Elderflower with the combination of lime gives this variant a taste of heaven. Comes in a breezy clear silver-white tint look, the natural taste of this variant is not too sweet and the flower scent taste in it just make the whole cider drink refreshingA perfect fit for people who prefer a lighter taste especially women.

So what do you say? Which one of the new variants caught your attention already? =) Go get them in store near you next month yo! =D
The chilling area. 
Just chilling around with the boyfriend =)
With some of the pretty blogger babes.
And this is me never ending taking picture again and again. Hahaha. Take so many but only post one picture. Well..... Girlssssss :P

Out of the three new variants, I personally love the “Elderflower” variant. Okay, actually I love all of them also lahhh. Because I'm a fan of cider. HAHAHA. But this was my favorite of all. With a little blend of sweet floral and fresh lychee taste, it's just my type! :)

Now to fully enjoy Strongbow Apple Ciders, it is customary to have the bottle well-chilled at around 3º-4ºCelcius. And to enjoy maximum refreshment and get ‘The Perfect Serve’:

1. Fill a Strongbow glass with approximately 1/3 of ice cubes;2. Take a chilled bottle of Strongbow or Strongbow draught and our over ice;
3. Serve on a Strongbow coaster and present the bottle alongside.
(Photo credit to Strongbow Malaysia)

For more information on Strongbow, please visit

(Photo credit to Strongbow Malaysia)

Signing off now. Toodles! :)

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