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Monday, December 8, 2014


HELLOOOOO!!!! I know I've been like missing in action for so longggg I know. *slap myself* :/ BUTTTT. I got reason wan lah. It's not because of busy of work, or what but mainly because my home don't have internet connection laaaa  T.T I know right. Haizzz.

I've been waiting for today for so long already. Because I've finally moved house and eventually got UNIFI too! Yes, the TM people came and install justnow. My home it's like a heaven to me now. #NoWIFIcandie I used to hop to my aunt house, grandma house or my boyfriend's place just for internet you know. Not anymore now!!! Muahahaha :D Now I would only guai guai sit at home and blog. HAHAHAHA. (Okay, listen first) BUT I'M STILL HAPPY BECAUSE I FINALLY GOT AN INTERNET CONNECTION AT MA OWN HOME. :D #AndNoMoreOverLoadData My October phone bill was like RM200 + because I keep purchased the extra Internet data after my data burst.
But anyway, it's just the happy me and my cute Baymax taking selfie with the UNIFI stuffs wtf. hahahaha. (I gotta take the photo quick before my mum says that her daughter is crazy because she's taking selfie with a WIFI modem and router! HAHAHAHAH)

I promised to myself that I would blog more often once I have my internet connection back. *finger crossed* la kay. :P

Gonna update a summary of my life journey that I've not been updating since I don't know when...

STAY TUNE!!!! :)

Signing off now! Byeeee :D

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